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Our new portable outdoor cooling system is the most compact
and easy to use high pressure misting system available. Simply
connect a garden hose, plug it in and you have a complete high
pressure mist cooling system with a 3-speed, high velocity mist
fan. This unit can be used for heat remediation, to cool parties
and outdoor events and even for spot cooling in warehouses and
on job sites. A built in 1 micron filter keeps the nozzles from
clogging and makes set up a snap. This is a true 1000 psi max
high pressure mist cooling system and comes with a 440
stainless steel pump housing. This pump can run up to 3
additional outdoor cooling misting fans.

Our new high pressure mist cooling pump now comes in a 404
stainless steel enclosure! The 404 stainless steel enclosure will
protect your pump for many years to come.

This .25 gallon per minute, 1000 PSI misting pump is the most
efficient high pressure misting pump on the market drawing only
1.4 Amps at full load! It is also whisper quiet and built to last.
Portable Mist Cooling Fan Unit

Rent   195.00   +tax (One day Rental)

Buy   1250.00   +tax
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