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High Pressure Misting and Fogging Systems
We are experts in the  manufacture, design and installation of high pressure mist cooling systems, fogging
systems, humidification equipment, odor control systems and custom applications.  We have designed and
installed the finest misting systems in Florida at numerous custom homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants,
warehouses etc. Our misting systems can be  used to cool patios, pool areas,  outdoor dining areas of
restaurants, warehouses , factories, industrial plants and in many more applications.  Our high pressure
fogging systems can create amazing  fog effects for pools waterfalls, water features and even in
landscaped areas. You can see photos and videos of our mist systems in action at our
 Misting Gallery/Blog
and our
Misting Video Page.

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High pressure outdoor cooling systems work by pressurizing water to 1000 psi  with a  high pressure misting
pump . The water is  forced through our specially designed misting nozzles. The orifices of our specially
designed misting nozzles are so small that the water is atomized into an extremely fine mist that will
evaporate quickly into the air, even in areas with high humidity. When  evaporation occurs, heat energy from
the surrounding air is absorbed and the temperature of the target area is significantly reduced. High
pressure misting systems can also be used with or without
misting fans and there are many different options
available so we strongly recommend having an expert assist you in designing your misting system. Outdoor
Cooling Systems provides free estimates and will be happy to help you design your  
misting system. We will
be happy to answer any questions  about high pressure mist cooling systems so give us a ring.
misting system installed by Outdoor Cooling Systems
Misting system installation by Outdoor Cooling Systems
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