Outdoor Cooling Systems designed this privacy screen misting system for this Star Island home

Outdoor Cooling Systems designed and installed this high pressure mist cooling system with an amazing privacy screen. This custom home in Star Island in Miami Beach has a problem with privacy do to tour boats that go past the property while commenting over a loudspeaker. We were hired to creates a custom system that would help provide privacy as well as cool the area. The system really looks awesome when it is turned on! Additional zones we installed specifically to cool several areas of the backyard.

All equipment used on this installation was our Misting Direct. We built specially built custom 3 gallon per minute, 1000 psi pumps that are controlled by the home automation system. The homeowner can turn each zone on or off from an iPhone, Android Phone, a tablet or a p.c. The high pressure misting pumps were wall mounted to custom fabricated brackets to save space and keep the installation neat. There is no visible high pressure tubing on the entire project. Our line of type 316 stainless steel tubing with welded nozzle extensions is embedded in the mortar bed under the marble flooring or hidden beneath stucco. This seamless integration of a high pressure misting system into the design of a new custom home is very popular with our customers. We worked with the architects and builders to make this system a reality.

So contact us now, for a free estimate or for assistance in designing a system that will meet your needs.


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