Preventing clogged nozzles in high pressure misting systems

High pressure misting systems use very small nozzles that can become clogged when not installed correctly or if they are not properly maintained. Having adequate filtration in mist cooling systems is essential to having a trouble free outdoor cooling system. For optimum performance, high pressure misting systems connected to municipal water supplies we recommend our two stage misting systems filters.

In addition to quality filtration, we strongly recommend a Misting Direct brand anti-drip valve that will automatically drain the water from the high pressure mist tubing between uses. This prevents stagnant water from sitting in the mist tubing and will greatly reduce the number of clogged misting nozzles that occur.

Don’t let a high pressure misting system sit unused for long periods of time. Even with a drain valve installed, small amounts of water can remain in the tubing and scale can begin to form if the water sits long enough. By simply running the misting system for five minutes once per week, clogging of the misting nozzles can be virtually eliminated. If you have a home automation system the misting system can be automatically cycled to prevent stagnant water from sitting in the mist tubing for long periods of time.

It is also recommended to flush the misting system about every six months. Simply remove the farthest from the pump and turn the misting pump on. Allow the water to flow freely for 3-5minutes. Regular flushing of the system is essential to having a trouble free mist cooling system.

Use quality misting nozzles. Our premium ruby misting nozzles can be easily disassembled and cleaned again and again. Most other brands of high pressure misting nozzles can’t be disassembled and once they become severely clogged, they are not cleanable. Our ruby misting nozzles have a real ruby orifice that will not wear down over time from the high pressure water.

Following these simple steps can keep you high pressure misting system running great so you can enjoy the outdoors!

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