Design your high pressure misting system with seperate zones for maximum versatility.

When designing a high pressure misting system consider setting the system up in zones that can be independently turned on or off. We carry manual high pressure shut-off valves as well as high pressure misting solenoid valves. The electrical misting valves can be operated by a simple switch or can connected to and controlled by various automation systems. You may want too for example, turn off the misting nozzles on the patio section while leaving the fog effects for a waterfall left on. We can help you design your entire system so contact Outdoor Cooling Systems for expert assistance in creating a high pressure misting system that will best meet your needs. We carry a complete line of high pressure misting nozzles, misting pumps, nylon mist tubing, stainless steel misting tubing and everything you need to install a professional misting system.

See our misting gallery or our misting videos to see some of our work.

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