Beware of disposable misting pumps

More and more disposable misting pumps have been seen on the market. What to I mean by disposable misting pumps? Many of these misting pumps are known to experience catastrophic failure resulting damage so severe it would be less expensive to replace the entire pump than to attempt to repair it. Furthermore since these units are made entirely of foreign components, getting replacement parts can be difficult. So be sure to compare the features and quality of high pressure misting pumps before buying!

Outdoor Cooling Systems has designed our entire line of misting pumps to be permanent misting pumps, all parts and components are replaceable or serviceable. We service all of our mist pumps in-house and our corrosion resistant misting pump enclosures will keep your high pressure misting pumps in service or many years to come. If you buy a misting pump from us, it may be the last mist pump you ever buy.

Stainless steel misting pump

High pressure misting pump

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