Got Outdoor Cooling Questions?

Feel free to post your high pressure mist cooling questions here. You can also e-mail or call us if you prefer. We can even help you design your misting system and can answer any questions you may have about mist cooling systems

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2 Responses to Got Outdoor Cooling Questions?

  1. Eric says:


    I was thinking of setting up an outdoor cooling system. I have a 10 x 10 canvas tent and was going to buy a kit that is supposed to fit this system. I was just going to hook it up to my garden hose but have been reading that the low pressure in the municipal water system would make things quite wet instead of the cooling effect we are looking for. Would you recommend a pump to boost this to at least 160 psi, what I’ve read would be a medium system or have you had experience just with the garden hose and it works out ok.

    You advice would be appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Eric,

    If you use only municipal water pressure to run your system not only will everything get wet but there won’t be enough evaporation taking place to cool the air. Most of the water droplets are so large the fall to the ground without evaporating.

    High pressure mist cooling systems (800-1000PSI) are designed to atomize the water so that it flash evaporates in the air. When the evaporation takes place, the heat energy is absorbed and the temperature is reduced!

    That being said, boosting the pressure of a low pressure mist system could make matters worse because the nozzles are designed for low pressures and therefore have larger orifices. This could cause the area to get extremely wet.

    You could also consider purchasing our 3/8″ high pressure tubing, nozzles and fittings and using them at lower pressures. This would give you the option of upgrading it to a high pressure system in the future if you wanted to.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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