All videos below were filmed at actual Outdoor Cooling Systems job sites and all installations were
performed by Outdoor Cooling Systems.  We take pride in providing the highest quality misting systems
available. All systems are installed with a level of craftsmanship that is unsurpassed in the mist cooling
industry. Contact us now for a free
misting system estimate or for assistance with designing a mist system.
Don't let the heat  spoil your special event!
Misting System Rentals Available
This video is an example of  a high pressure mist cooling system with misting fans
being used cool the participants of the March of Dime! High pressure mist cooling
systems can be used to cool any outdoor area. Outdoor Cooling Systems.
March of Dimes - March for Babies  April 25, 2009 Ft. Lauderdale
Outdoor Cooling Systems donates our services and mist cooling equipment to cool
the thousands of attendees at the March for Babies. Our high pressure mist  fans
can cool any outdoor event.  If you would like us to cool your special event contact us
for a free quote.
This video shows a misting system that Outdoor Cooling Systems installed. We have
installed  three mist cooling systems at Sergio's Family Restaurants. High pressure
mist cooling systems can cool any outdoor dining area and since 100% of the mist
evaporates, nothing gets wet. Outdoor Cooling Systems  line of misting fans can be
used to cool patios, restaurants and almost any outdoor area. High pressure misting
systems also help deter flies and mosquitoes. Call for a free
mist system estimate.
Misting systems can be used to create fog effects in pools, waterfalls and in
landscaped areas by installing high pressure  mist nozzles around the perimeter of
the pool and at strategic locations. The high pressure misting pump  creates a
dense fog that adds atmosphere nd cools the area.
Sergio's Family Restaurant
This video shows how a mist  system can be virtually invisible, especially when
installed during the construction process. If you look carefully at the video you can
see no visible misting lines.  A high pressure  misting system allows you to use you
edge high pressure mist systems. Outdoor Cooling Systems designs,  installs and
services cutting edge high pressure misting equipment.  Outdoor Cooling Systems
is your source for top of the line high pressure mist cooling systems.
Misting Systems Can Create Fog Effects
New Construction Mist System Installation
Misting Cooling System  in Action
Misting Fan Rental
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