Outdoor Cooling Systems manufactures, designs and installs professional quality high pressure misting systems.
Please see our
about Outdoor Cooling Systems page to find out more about our company. Our high pressure misting pumps  are designed
to run at pressures of up to 1000 psi. The water is then forced through specialized mist nozzles and atomized into an extremely fine mist.
The water mist evaporates very quickly even in humid climates. As the water mist  evaporates it absorbs heat energy, reducing the
temperature through evaporation.  These systems can be used with or without our line of outdoor misting fans.

We are experts in designing and installing high pressure mist cooling systems for many applications and offer free mist system design and
consultation.  For example, we have designed misting systems for use in patio mist cooling, restaurant mist systems, industrial plants and
for  warehouse mist cooling systems,  fog effects for pools and waterfalls, portable mist fans , greenhouse humidification etc. Our misting
systems can be found at many resorts, hotels, restaurants, homes, factories and more. You can see many photos and videos of our mist
systems in action and the quality of our workmanship at  our
Mist System Gallery and our Misting System Video Page.

Feel free to contact us with any  questions about outdoor cooling systems, or for
free estimates and design of high pressure mist systems.  
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About High Pressure Mist Systems
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