About Outdoor Cooling Systems

Outdoor Cooling Systems is a leading manufacturer of high pressure misting systems. We have built a solid reputation by
providing the most innovative products available while  maintaining the outstanding quality of our equipment.

Our design, and installation department has made us the leading full service high pressure misting company in south
Florida. We have designed and installed permanent high pressure mist cooling systems at numerous custom homes,
restaurants, resorts, etc.  This real world experience has helped us to continually improve our products and ensures that
all of our outdoor cooling  products are of the highest quality available. Our qualified staff has extensive experience in
manufacturing and designing high pressure misting systems for many specialty applications including personnel cooling,
dust control, humidification, odor control, factory cooling, evaporative coolers, warehouse cooling etc. Our complete line of
misting systems and fogging equipment is Marketed under the brand name
Misting Direct.

                                                     Mission Statement

Our goal is to continue manufacturing the most innovative high pressure misting equipment available and at the greatest
value to our customers. Our business plan is built on a foundation of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction
in the industry by manufacturing high quality equipment and  providing world class customer service


Outstanding Quality: Outdoor Cooling Systems manages quality throughout the manufacturing process including research
and development, product design/development and the quality of materials and components.

Lasting Reliability: All of our misting equipment has been designed and extensively
tested for lasting reliability. All of our mist system components are built to provide many years of reliable service. Our high
pressure misting pumps, tubing and fittings are designed to be a long term investment. Replacement parts are kept in
stock and we service all of our equipment in-house ensuring that our customers will be able to enjoy their high pressure
misting systems for many years to come.

Greatest Value:  Outdoor Cooling Systems achieves the greatest value for it's customers through the outstanding quality
and lasting reliability of our equipment along with the competitive pricing. These core principals make Outdoor Cooling
Systems an excellent choice  for all of you high pressure mist system needs.
Outdoor Cooling Systems      Manufacturing - Design - Installation
  High Pressure Misting and Fogging Systems
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Outdoor Cooling Systems
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